I Cannot Stand Bullying.

At the end of May an eighth grade boy at my sister’s school attempted to commit suicide.

I don’t know this boy personally, and neither does my sister, but upon hearing the news I immediately broke down in tears.

This is something that’s happening a lot and it shatters my heart into pieces every single time I hear about these situations.

Apparently, the boy is homosexual and was being bullied at school. According to the boy’s parents, the bullying was reported several times to the school and was even reported to the police.

I am appalled. I’m angry at the school for not taking the appropriate action. I’m angry with the police for not investigating further. I’m angry at whoever was bullying this child and I’m even more angry with the parents of the bullies who have no conscious idea what their child is truly like or how they act and how they treat their peers.

School is not a war zone. School is supposed to be a safe environment where a child can learn and socialize and grow. And school can be hard enough with the stresses of homework and tests and extracurricular activities and projects and friends. The last thing any child needs is to be treated poorly by people they are forced to be around five days a week.

This needs to stop. Children shouldn’t be firing bullets into their bodies.

Please. Teach your kids to be kind. Teach them to treat others respectfully, whether they agree with someone else’s choices or not.

This has to end. The world is already ugly enough. These children are our future.


Let’s Clear a Few Things Up…



Unfortunately, this is something we clearly need to talk about.
The dreaded word. The word everyone cringes at. The word no one wants to address.


I am a feminist in every sense of the term. First thing about this I want to clear up is that there is not such thing as being “kind of” a feminist.

You’re either a feminist, or you aren’t. There is no black and white. There is no in between. It’s that plain and simple.

I know we have a bad reputation. I’ve heard all of the horror stories.

According to the ancient myths of the internet, we are foul, ugly man hating beasts. We are morbidly obese and super masculine and we are out to ruin men. We hope all men die. We want to keep men around for breeding purposes only. DEATH TO MEN.

As hilarious and entertaining as all of that is, it’s simply just not true.

I do not hate men. I love men. Men are intelligent and interesting and amazing. Men smell good and they have great senses of humor. Some of my favorite people in this world, if not most, are men.

I just wish men and women were equal in this world.
Because I believe that woman are just as funny and interesting. I believe in women JUST AS MUCH as I believe in men.

I don’t think that gender plays a role in ability.

And I don’t think that women are better than men.

I know there are a lot of people in our world who claim the name feminism and are horribly misrepresenting us.

I’m sorry for them. I’m sure, in their mind, they have logical and justifiable reasons why they believe the things they do. Maybe they were hurt very badly by a man. Maybe they were attacked or assaulted. Maybe they’ve just experienced parts of the world in a way that traumatized them for life. Maybe they experienced something so bad, in regards to a man, that they can never look at men the same way ever again.

We simply don’t know.
But I can assure you, that most feminists just want the same opportunities as men.
We want to be paid just the same.
We want to be viewed the same.
We want to be treated the same.

I wish people really understood this.
Please do your research before you judge.
We just want a fair shot in this world.