Pro Human Being.

I can get pretty political from time to time. You could say part of me loves the argument, but most of me just cares about the world and what happens inside of it. I care in copious amounts. I wish so many things could be fixed. So many things need adjusting.

The fact that abortion is even a political topic infuriates me. It puts me in a manic rage. I don’t believe that women’s bodies and what we do with our’s should be a campaign topic. I also don’t believe that men should even have a say. Which is a pretty big deal, because I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech. But men will never have to be in a position where they have to make a choice like that. They have no idea what women go through. So I feel like this is just something they should stay out of.

I understand that abortion is a sin. I get it. Jesus gets pretty upset when you kill your unborn child.
If this is your standpoint, please understand that I am speaking as a human being. Not as a religious person. Also, please understand that I respect your religion and the beliefs inside of it. This is not an insult to Christianity.

I don’t believe in abortion as a form of birth control. I think that if you are responsible enough to have sex, then you should be responsible and deal with the consequence of pregnancy and having a child if that’s the path you’ve found yourself on. Learn how to use a condom. Go on the pill. Whatever you have to do. If you don’t want kids, then practice safe sex. Seriously.

My cousin was pregnant. Her and her husband were so excited. She did everything by the book. She was eating right. Taking care of her body. Getting the right amount of sleep. She will make an amazing mother someday. Everybody was extremely excited for her baby to arrive.

Her baby was growing inside out. Inside of her. I can’t think of the actual medical term, but it was so upsetting. Bringing that baby to term would have potentially killed my cousin, and it was a 98% chance the baby wouldn’t make it either.

She was faced with a very hard choice. She could have taken her chances and gave birth and maybe died and perhaps damned her child to a horrible life of doctor visits and surgeries and medications and sleepless nights and more.

She didn’t want that. And who could blame her?

She chose abortion, and I’m sorry to say it, but it was the best course of action for everyone involved. I stand by her choice one hundred and ten percent.

And it wasn’t an easy decision. She struggled with the options for weeks. To this day, and it’s been over a year, she can’t even be around a baby without crying. She literally avoids any family functions where our other cousins bring their kids.

I’m not even going to pretend I know how it feels to have to make that choice. It’s heartbreaking enough watching someone else go through it.

And that’s not the only cases where abortion is a blessing. What would you do if you were raped by someone and they got you pregnant?
I know a lot of very strong people would keep the baby. Because it’s not the baby’s fault.
But do you honestly expect most people to be that courageous?
Because I don’t.
And they shouldn’t have to be.
It is their right not to be.

And that’s where I’ll end it. Just because abortion isn’t something you agree with, doesn’t mean you should take that right away from somebody else.

Pro choice doesn’t mean you agree with it. It just means you understand that you can’t make that choice for somebody else.

And a little food for thought: If abortion were ever made illegal again, it wouldn’t stop abortions from happening.

It would just stop abortions happening safely.

Please don’t put a woman in a closet with a coat hanger.