So I wanted to talk about net neutrality. Which is what we currently have. Free range of the internet. Freedom of speech. Freedom to gather and supply information any time we please, however we please.

Once again, this December, the government will be voting on whether or not to get rid of net neutrality. And there going to do it how they always pass anything they know the public wouldn’t agree with. They’re going to dress it up like something else. They’ll dress it as something good for people. They’ll make it sound like it will keep us safe and blah blah blah. You’ve heard all the spiels before. And every time they do something like this, it’s just another way to strip away at our rights little by little.

Without net neutrality, the internet will look similar to the picture I posted above. Everything will be in bundles. You’ll be restricted from everything, unless you pay for that bundle.

It’s pathetic that this is actually an issue.

And if you’re wondering why the media isn’t covering this (how convenient), it’s because Comcast owns NBC, CNBC and MSNBC and ATT&T owns CNN. And the cable companies are the main people who want to do away with net neutrality.

Please get involved. Contact your state government officials as soon as possible. Talk to them. Leave messages. And let them know that you are not okay with them doing this.


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