Something I am not. Something I have never been.

When I was asked for the first time, in elementary school, what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded, “A bird.” I knew I couldn’t be a bird. I understood that it was physically impossible to transform from human to bird. I just wanted to fly.

During high school my guidance counselor asked me where I saw myself in five years. I said, “Somewhere.” He looked confused, but I honestly didn’t know how to answer that question because I didn’t really see myself anywhere specific.

I’ve always lived my life day by day. I pity people who work a boring desk job for 50 years, saving all of their pennies for retirement. My thought has always been, “What if I don’t make it to retirement?” What then? What was the point if I get hit by a bus walking across the street? You can’t plan for your life when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Buy the shoes. Eat the cake. Travel. Make memories. Love. Smile. Laugh so loud you snort. Just live.


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