I Cannot Stand Bullying.

At the end of May an eighth grade boy at my sister’s school attempted to commit suicide.

I don’t know this boy personally, and neither does my sister, but upon hearing the news I immediately broke down in tears.

This is something that’s happening a lot and it shatters my heart into pieces every single time I hear about these situations.

Apparently, the boy is homosexual and was being bullied at school. According to the boy’s parents, the bullying was reported several times to the school and was even reported to the police.

I am appalled. I’m angry at the school for not taking the appropriate action. I’m angry with the police for not investigating further. I’m angry at whoever was bullying this child and I’m even more angry with the parents of the bullies who have no conscious idea what their child is truly like or how they act and how they treat their peers.

School is not a war zone. School is supposed to be a safe environment where a child can learn and socialize and grow. And school can be hard enough with the stresses of homework and tests and extracurricular activities and projects and friends. The last thing any child needs is to be treated poorly by people they are forced to be around five days a week.

This needs to stop. Children shouldn’t be firing bullets into their bodies.

Please. Teach your kids to be kind. Teach them to treat others respectfully, whether they agree with someone else’s choices or not.

This has to end. The world is already ugly enough. These children are our future.


2 thoughts on “I Cannot Stand Bullying.

  1. The Brain in the Jar says:

    Bullies are the Beautiful People. They are the charismatic people whose jokes make us roll on the floor. They are the sexy dudes who provide the best romance of our lives.

    The world isn’t just. Bullying is an ugly thing and I’ve experienced it, but I know every rational person would choose the bully over me – they look better, they’re funnier and they have more confidence.

    To such an ugly world I’m not feeding children.


    • domainnamesarehardtocomeby says:

      I appreciate your input! And if it makes you feel any better at all, they are not always the beautiful. As a matter of fact, they are not beautiful at all. They are the ugliest people this world has to offer. And sooner or later, everyone does eventually see that in them. And they don’t end up happy. I promise you. Keep your head up my friend. And remember that you are much more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.


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